Be Happy! Or Not.

I've had this picture in my reserved folder for quite some time but it never felt like the right time to post it. I've thought about it more and I think I realize why. Yes, today is a perfect day to be happy. It is also a perfect day to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, jubilant, or however else you are feeling today.

There has been a shift in popular culture recently to praise "happiness" - but does that come at the expense of other emotions? I think it's important for children to learn that ALL feelings are valid and okay and part of the human experience. Exposing kids to a variety of emotions and building their emotional vocabulary and understanding helps them express their own thoughts and feelings, as well as build empathy for those around them. So however you are feeling today - whatever you are feeling today - I hear you and I support you and I think you're brave for letting yourself feel it.

#checkins #allages #personalpractice #dailypractice

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