Everyday Objects Are GREAT Tools

There are a lot of things around the house that we can use as tools to help us and our little ones be mindful. Here are some of my favorites!

Snow Globes

Seriously, snow globes are PERFECT mindfulness tools. Have kids shake the snow globe really hard and then take deep breaths in and out as they hold it still and let the “snow” settle. As always with breathwork, have them practice first when in a positive headspace, but then use as a tool when they are upset to calm themselves.


So many ways to use bubbles! Breathe in deeply, and slowly breathe out, seeing how many bubbles you or your child can blow with one breath. Watch as the bubbles pop, noticing each one. If the child is upset or worried about something, have them choose one bubble to focus on and think about that negative thing on their mind. When the bubble pops, have them switch their mind to focus on a positive thought.

Music Triangle

Use a triangle (or bell or chime) as a cue for breathing exercises. Take a deep breath in when you first hear the sound of the triangle, and see if you can breathe out slowly as the sound fades. Can you time your breath to end at the same time as the sound? (Kids LOVE leading this one or teaching it to younger sibs).

M&Ms or Skittles

Assign a “favorite” to each color (favorite animal, food, song, place, etc) and have kids choose just one candy. Depending on the color they pick, everyone shares a favorite thing. Then have them eat the candy mindfully, focusing on the senses. How long can they make the candy last?


Take a deep breath in, and letting it out, slowly blow up the balloon. Take another deep breath in, holding the balloon closed, and then let out your breath and the balloon’s air at the same time. If the child can’t blow up the balloon, you can do it for them and have them use it as a visual cue.

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