Kindness Confetti

“Throw kindness around like confetti.” I came across this quote recently and it really resonated with me. Being kind - to others, to the environment, and maybe most importantly, to ourselves - is probably the most key aspect of living well. It’s even a word in the short definition of mindfulness I like to use!

If you work with kids (and are anything like me), thinking of confetti or glitter crafts sends a shiver down your spine as you recall past messes where you were still finding glitter months later. So I started thinking of other ways that this idea of throwing kindness around like confetti could come alive for kids!

It’s spring time!

Time to get outside and celebrate things coming back to life. Why not plant a wildflower garden? Throw around those seeds and with each toss say something kind. When the garden grows, it will be a beautiful reminder of those words.

Get into the kitchen with kids!

Who doesn’t love rainbow sprinkles? Throw sprinkles into pancakes for breakfast or make sprinkle cookies to share with neighbors. Let kids run their (clean) hands through a bowl of sprinkles for a fun sensory experience.

Have a kindness “fight”!

Forget snowballs - throw around pom poms! Kids will adore getting to throw crafting pom-poms around the room. You could have them think kind thoughts or say something kind with each throw. When done, do a craft project with the pom poms to keep on the wall as a reminder of the fun.

Get crafty!

Gather recycled paper - magazines, flyers, newspapers - and make your own confetti. Kids can rip or cut the paper into small pieces and then make a colorful collage out of the confetti they made. They could give their creation to someone who needs their day brightened.

So many more options! Got an idea? Share it in the comments.

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