Exploring Alphabreaths (U - Z)

It's our last day of exploring Alphabreaths! It's been a fun week making our way through the alphabet. Which breath has been your favorite? If you haven't seen the other days, check out:

A - F

G - M

N - T

U: Underwater Breath

Using your arms, imagine you are jumping into water as you breathe in, and breathing out, imagine you are swimming underwater.

V: Voice Breath

Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, sing "LAAAAA.

W: Wish Breath

Breathing in, make a wish for yourself. Breathing out, send a happy wish to someone you care about.

X: X-Ray Breath

As you breathe in and out, watch for or feel how your body moves in and out.

Y: Yawning Breath

Take a deep breath in, and breathing out, let yourself do a big,, mindful yawn, feeling all of the breath going out.

Z: Zzzzzz Breath

Lie down and put your hands over your chest. Take a calming deep breath in, hold it one count, and breathe out with a long zzzzzzzz.

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