Exploring Alphabreaths (N - T)

We are on our third post exploring Alphabreaths! This is a fun way to have kids try out new breathing techniques, while also practicing concepts like letters, animals, and visualizations. Even if your goal is for your child to use breathing exercises when feeling upset, make sure you introduce and practice new ones when your children are happy. Connecting to your breath should have a positive connotation, not feel like a “punishment” when sad or mad.

N: Ninja Breath

Place your hands together in a prayer position in front of your chest. As you breathe, imagine you are a ninja, breathing as silently, slowly, and still as you can.

O: Oatmeal Breath

Imagine you are holding a bowl of hot oatmeal in your hands (pick a flavor if it helps!). Breathing in, inhale the smell and breathing out, cool it off.

P: Power Breath

Take four quick, short breaths in through your nose and then breathe out all at once with a burst through your mouth.

Q: Question Breath

As you breathe in, ask yourself a check-in question (How do I feel right now? What is on my mind? What do I smell/hear?) and as you breathe out, answer the question in your head.

R: Rainbow Breath

As you take a slow breath, hold up one hand and make an arch shape imagining red coming out of your palm. Continue with all of the colors of the rainbow. Which one was most vibrant today?

S: Stress Breath

Tighten all of your muscles as you breathe in, and then let the tension go as you breathe out.

T: Teddy Breath

Lie down and put a teddy bear (or favorite stuffed animal) on your stomach. Watch the teddy bear move up and down as you take slow breaths in and out.

If you missed them, check out Exploration 1 and Exploration 2 of Alphabreaths. Visit tomorrow for our last few letters!

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