Exploring Alphabreaths (G - M)

Yesterday we started exploring a fun way to introduce breathing exercises - Alphabreaths! If you missed it, check it out. Today we’ll continue the series with G - M.

G: Gratitude Breath

Breathing in, pick a person you are thankful for and breathing out, send them good vibes!

H: Hug Breath

As you breathe in, open your arms to your sides, and as you breathe out, bring your arms in to give yourself a hug.

I: Ice Breath

Breathing in, imagine you are an ice cube - stiff and unmoving. Breathing out, imagine you are melting and let your body be loose.

J: Jumping Jack Breath

As you breathe in, jump your legs out and stretch your arms up and out, and as you breathe out, clap your hands together over your head and snap your legs up tight.

K: Kind Heart Breath

Put your hand over your heart. As you breathe in, think of someone who needs some extra kindness today, and breathing out, send them hope and good thoughts.

L: Lion Breath

As you breathe in, imagine you are a strong and brave lion. As you breath out, make a powerful (but quiet or silent) roar with your hands as your paws.

M: Mountain Breath

Standing tall and still, picture yourself as a majestic mountain as you breathe in and out.

Come back tomorrow for more!

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