Tackling the Winter Blues

Between the freezing weather here this weekend and watching the Superbowl, I thought about what we need to tackle in our own lives. And the first thing that came to mind was the Winter Blues. We are now deep into winter and it can begin to feel like spring will never come. With the shorter days, reduced sunlight, and colder weather, this season often takes a toll on many of our moods. However, controlling the weather is out of our hands, so what can we do to improve our well being while we wait for spring? Here are some easy things you can do RIGHT NOW to help:

  1. Connect with a friend. Whether it is getting together in person, setting aside time for a longer phone call, or even writing a thoughtful email, connecting with someone who makes us happy is an immediate mood booster.

  2. Get out of the house. Go bowling, go to the movies, visit a museum, have lunch at a restaurant rather than your desk. The activity doesn’t matter, but simply, and purposely, doing something out and around others can help.

  3. Make a list of Things That Make You Happy. Strive for 25 things, large or small, to start. If those came easy, go for 50! Then look at your list and choose 5 things you’ll commit to pursuing in the next week.

  4. Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs and have a dance party. The sillier you dance, the better! For many of us, music has strong connections to memories and feelings, and connecting to those positive ones will naturally boost your serotonin (our “happy” internal chemical).

  5. Buy a sunlamp. A sunlamp mimics natural sunlight, which boosts our Vitamin D levels, which can get low this time of year. Vitamin D is connected to our happiness and wellbeing, which is one reason many people begin to feel “low” in these darker months. There are many options on Amazon or other online sites, so spend a few minutes reading reviews and looking through the different types to choose what is best for you.

​All of these suggestions can be for you and the children in your life. Get them involved and you’ll improve your mood times two!

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