When Life Gets in the Way

The past few weeks, life got in the way. Between the holidays, a week-long family vacation, and apartment hunting and planning a move to a new state and city, mindfulness and my blog took a backseat. And unfortunately, this happens all too easily. Things start moving fast, there are several balls being juggled, and the things we do that are good for us - good for our souls - are the things that get sacrificed.

How many of us have experienced something like this?

But the beautiful thing is that each day is a chance to get back on track. To prioritize self care or growth, or at least to put it back on the To Do list. I often talked to my students about why we call it a mindfulness practice. It is not something you ever master, but something that continues to evolve and grow with us. It’s a journey without a set destination. Once we understand that, we can accept that there will be bumps and curves along the way, but it’s all part of the path we’re on. Today I recommit to staying on the path, wherever it may take me.

Little Steps to Take:

  • Stretch for 5 minutes

  • Listen to a meditation podcast

  • Read an article about mindfulness

  • Schedule your self care and put it on your calendar

  • Roll out your yoga mat and commit to 10 minutes

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