"Today, I am celebrating you."

On this chilly Friday, I wanted to take a moment to share a story about something I experienced that warmed me to my core. Think of it as some weekend inspiration.

I was sitting at a cafe this morning, working on a mindfulness course I’m taking when I overheard a man next to me. He was on the phone but seemed to be leaving a message. He said, “I know things have been rough recently, but you’re alive. And today, I am celebrating you.” I found myself tearing up thinking of how the person on the other end of this call will feel when he/she receives the message. It took no more than 30 seconds of this gentleman’s time, but I’m sure the effects will brighten the other person’s whole day, if not days to come. Such a simple sentiment that meant so much.

Let’s all take the time today, or this weekend, to think of someone we want to celebrate. Have your children do the same! Reach out to that person this weekend and simply say, “Today, I am celebrating you.” Have the kids draw a picture or write a note to share the sentiment. Happy weekend, friends.

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