What is Mindfulness, anyway?

If you search for a definition of mindfulness, you'll find many different answers. Perhaps this is one of the reasons it remains abstract, mysterious, or even intimidating to some. From the various definitions I've encountered, I've settled on this: Mindfulness is paying attention to the here & now, with a kind and curious mind. 

Okay, but why is that important?

In general, the benefits of mindfulness have been explained in great detail already, so I won't repeat them all here. 


What I want to focus on is why mindfulness is important for kids. Being mindful has many of the same benefits for children as it does for adults: slows us down and tunes us into our bodies & emotions; creates an awareness of ourselves in context of our environment; calms nerves and refocuses on a task at hand. For kids, these overall benefits lead to even greater results as it impacts students' developing minds. 


Mindfulness helps with: 

  • emotional awareness and regulation

  • impulse control

  • empathy and patience with others

  • stress management

  • increased attention span 

  • organizational skills & time management

  • communication skills

  • perseverance 

Ready to get started?