About Wondering Minds

Wondering Minds is dedicated to bringing an awareness and appreciation for the world around us - and in us - to kids and families. Mindfulness is a celebration of our thoughts, feelings, bodies, and environment in the present moment. 

CLASSES for Kids & Families

Classes are offered at the West End Village Studio, Portland schools, and the greater Southern ME area. Contact us for more!


Come spend an hour with me as we explore mindful practices! I'll create an hour specifically tailored to your interests, goals, and concerns. Great for beginners, those looking to rework their routine, or those who simply want a relaxing and rejuvenating hour! Also available as gift certificates.



I am here to help and support your community! Contact us for teacher trainings, workplace events, or parent workshops at ourwonderingminds@gmail.com.


I am also trained as a mindfulness consultant, ready to assess an existing program or help you create a new one in your school, workplace, or organization. Special projects are always welcome.

About Me

My name is Jenny Madden and I relocated to Portland, ME from New York City in 2018. In NYC, I was an elementary school teacher for 8 years and taught in several city museums. Over the years, I grew passionate about exploring mindfulness, emotional awareness and regulation, and empathy with my students. I have seen the differences firsthand and believe that everyone - regardless of age - benefits from learning and practicing mindfulness. 

Trainings and Experience

Mindfulness Certificate Course for Teaching Kids & Teens, Pesi Education, Inc.

Yoga Program with Mente Argentina

The Institute for Social Emotional Learning

Responsive Classroom

Yoga 4 Schools

NYSAIS Mindfulness in the Classroom


Years ago, a parent in my class gave me a book called A Place of Wonder and it changed my teaching. It celebrates children's natural instinct to WONDER, to ask questions without needing immediate answers. Inspired by the book, I asked students to make a list of questions - any questions - they had, simply to appreciate the act of wondering. One student (3rd grade) wisely noted, "I get it....questions are more important than answers because it's impossible to answer a question that hasn't been asked." 


To me, this is the essence of being mindful. Practicing mindfulness helps us develop the skills to purposely pay attention to the present moment, to notice without judgement and wonder without immediate answers. It's about observing rather than "solving." In our age of smart phones and search engines, the art of sitting with an observation or an unanswered question is disappearing.


This website is a place to share stories, ideas, activities and resources with those who would like to bring mindfulness into their lives and/or the lives of the kids around them. If you are new to mindfulness, you're in the right place. If you have been practicing for a while and want new and creative ways to explore your mindfulness journey, you're in the right place. Wondering Minds celebrates the curiosity and wonderer in all of us!